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ECU Harness Install

The blue connector is a new connector for all dash board connections to the ECU/engine bay. This includes the existing Vanagon dash to engine connections as well as several new wires for various gauges and some other things I wanted to do. Also note the white round barrel connector. This connector is for the vanagons rear tail lights and is normally located in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. By moving these connections to under the back seat, I was able to completely eliminate the power distribution box in the engine compartment. Now the only wiring in the engine compartment, is the main ECU harness. Nice and clean!

Since I had to take the rear seat out to pull out the old harness and put in the new one, I decided to install some sound proofing material while the seat was out.

This stuff works great! I used it under all the carpet in the cab and inside all the doors.

Here is how I mounted the ECU. Everything fit nicely in the stock metal box.

The ECU box fully connected up.

The "stock look" was exactly what I was shooting for.

The orange connector is the normal Subaru select monitor port, and the black & green plugs are for checking/clearing the ECU diagnostic codes.