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Final Engine Install

Custom muffler bracket and heat shield. All made out of stainless steel!

Also installed some additional Thermo-Tec heat shield material above where the catalytic converter goes.

Flex Section -> High Flow Cat -> Temp Sensor -> Custom 2.5" Radius 180 degree turn -> Muffler -> Exhaust (aka "The Cannon").

All made out of stainless steel.

The muffler sits a little bit lower then stock, but is still higher then the cross bar and skid plate. There is probably about 3 or 4 inches of clearance from the top of the cat to the top of the heat shield.

Completely amazing sound from this setup, very low deep rumble, actually quieter than a stock VW setup.

Exhaust header wrapped with heat shielding (not really necessary).

The exhaust header wraps up and over the skid plate as if it were stock.

Engine compartment

Turbo: TD05H-16G completely rebuilt and balanced, thermal coated inside and outside.

I gave up a little over 1" of ground clearance with this oil pan setup. However, the engine's oil capacity is almost 5 quarts!

The bottom of the skid plate is made from 1/4 thick steel!

WOW! does this engine feel like it was made for this van!! So smooth, so quiet, completely effortless acceleration at any RPM range.