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Audi Wheels

These wheels are from a mid to late 90's Audi A8, but they also came on A4's and A6's during the same time. It's probably the most common Audi wheel of that era.

If my memory serves me correctly, they are 7" wide wheels with a 45mm offset.

1.) Spacers are used on both the front and rear. Don't remember the exact thicknesses? (Big one on the rear, smaller one on the front)

2.) Longer wheel studs are needed in the rear. I used some Porsche wheel studs.

3.) Finding lug nuts with the correct 12mm ball seat and thread proved to be impossible? I ended up machining all the seats so I could use 14mm ball seat lug nuts from a Porsche. Also ended up using a set of Porsche locking lug nuts with the same seat for a bit of wheel theft security.

Sliding door clears fine. Audi center caps fit on the front, but not on the rear. I have more suspension clearance than the GoWesty 16"x7.5" wheels.

Tires are 225/60R16